you are my dream
you are my dream
p: fantaken    date: 140113    event: idol star olympics jan 2014    

[screencaps] 130716 xiuhan in kazan part 1

p: screencap    130716    e: kazan    *hand around shoulder    
bunny drop
bunny drop
xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: airport    131002    *hand on shoulder    
you are my dream (1 / 2 / 3)
xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: fantaken    130903    e: idol star olympics    



p: fantaken    131225    e: smtown week    *holding hands    

little prince

little prince

xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: fantaken    date: 140113    event: idol star olympics jan 2014    

little prince

little prince

xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: fantaken    date: 140123    event: seoul music awards    

little prince

little prince

xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: airport    131231 ap    
little prince
little prince
xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    p: airport    date: 140105    


XIUHAN at the Myeong-dong Station in Seoul, Korea. 


this is a special ‘photo zone’ where you can take a photo with exo~

p: other    netmarble game    *hand on shoulder    

luhan sees xiumin shaking his head and follows along @ sbs friendship project

m: gif    131229    e: sbs gayo daejun 2013    e: sbs gayo daejun mv making    

[fanaccounts] 140323 Xiumin and Luhan spotted at Starbucks 

• 1st fanaccount

First of all, I am a muggle [t/n: non-fan of exo]. I was tutoring at Cheongdamdong’s Starbucks. The first place I sat down at was a table that was too low, so I moved to the one next to that. During tutoring, I noticed that two youngsters entered the store.  

I just kept solving my problems but then I lifted my head and looked behind me when… EXO’s Xiumin and Luhan…? were sitting there…  I wasn’t too sure, so I asked an Unnie sitting next to me and she confirmed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So, I kept on peeking and Xiumin had his cheeks full and was eating something ㅋㅋ after eating that, he neatly got up and left ㅋㅋㅋ He was definitely emitting the feeling of “I just came to the cafe to eat” ㅋㅋㅋ

That Luhan… his skin was a bit… aggravated but both of them were extremely skinny

But most of the people studying there didn’t recognize them… and those few that recognized them and asked for an autograph were timidly refused. About 2 or 3 people were refused??? I don’t know if their company made them or what but with timid gestures [they refused to give autographs] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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• 2nd fanaccount

I’m so excited right now that my hand is shaking. I was at a neighborhood Starbucks doing my homework when Luhan and Minseok went BAM! It was my first time seeing them in real life ㅠㅜ Why is it that they’re all so good looking? I wanted to see them more, but sasaengs were coming in, so I left.

Whenever my non-fan friends bragged about seeing EXO, I thought, “Ah it’s the [fate] of a fan [never to see them]” and felt defeated, but today BAM! It felt so good ㅠ The two of them were in a good mood while eating a sandwich and chatting… bad sasaengs… when the sasaengs came, their expressions hardened ㅠ

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xiuhan    xiumin    luhan    lumin    exo    t: fanaccount    date: 140323    

xiumin was afraid to go near the pigeons in kazan, thus luhan kept bullying him with the birds  (╯°□°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

m: gif    130716    e: kazan    

[fanacc compilation] 140322 + 140323 + xiuhan shopping for shoes recently (most likely in march) 


Luhan meet Minseok now! [after Luhan left SM close to midnight]



Luhan and Xiumin spotted at Cheongdam-dong Starbucks.


xiuhan shopping for shoes recently, titled: shoes that looked like a beggar’s!

The girl [OP] and her brother went to the Adidas shop to buy shoes. the brother picked a pair and tried it on. The sister thought the shoes didn’t look good and said “Why did you choose this pair? It doesn’t look good, it’s weird, don’t buy it. Especially looking like a beggar.” On the side, Luhan and Xiumin came in to buy shoes, in fact Xiumin tried on that exact shoe. The sister and Xiumin looked at each other, the sister felt embarrassed and looked elsewhere. Xiumin then quietly took off the shoe.

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t: fanaccount    date: 140322    date: 140323    date: tba