Frequently Asked Questions 

» Follow me back?
• This is a side blog, we cannot follow anyone back on this account, sorry!

» Do you think Xiumin and Luhan are dating?
• No, they are just really, really good friends (although that would be awesome and we pray every night for this to happen).

» Can you recommend any Xiuhan fanfiction to us?
• You can find lots of Xiuhan fanfiction recommendations here!

» How do you know that what you post is legit?
• We try to stick to sources that we are familiar with and that we know for sure are reliable. We would never post something without checking whether it was legit or not first. Don’t worry! We are not here to spread fake info.

» Why do you post candid pictures? Aren’t they taken by sasaengs?
• First and foremost: not all candid pictures are taken by sasaengs! But we can see why you might be concerned about this, so here’s our stance on it: don’t worry! We are extremely mindful of these things when posting candid photos. We never ever post purely sasaeng pictures. The candid pictures that we DO post are completely harmless though, plus they usually get spread all over Twitter/Weibo anyway, so we wouldn’t really be doing much by not posting them here. Xiumin and Luhan give their autographs to most of the people whose pictures we post. There have been quite a few times when we didn’t post a Xiuhan photo/fanaccount because it was taken/written by well-known sasaeng fans, or because the photo/fanaccount was an obvious violation of their privacy. So don’t worry! We do our best to take care of Xiumin and Luhan well.

» What is your favorite Xiuhan moment?
• It changes with the seasons, just like Xiumin and Luhan’s relationship.

» I love this site/I love Xiuhan/thank you/aksdg;dsfga ILU
• THANK YOU, GUYS ;3; we love receiving messages like these and the reason why we don’t publish them is because we like to keep them piled up in our inbox for an ego boost motivation, lmao. We do screenshot and mass-reply to them every once in a while though, so keep them a comin’!! And thank you for supporting this site and Xiuhan :)


Since we suck at answering your messages on Tumblr, for ALL your questions, even the super random ones, please visit our ASK.FM account and we promise that you’ll get a reply from us there! However, if your question is of the utmost importance and/or you’d like to get a private reply from us, feel free to send it via our ask box here. :)

You can view all of our (Tumblr) answered questions here.